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„Relax and comfort for the demanding audience does not always have to be costly”

Every one of us needs to “switch off”, “recharge the batteries” from time to time, to be coddled and taken care of.

Come to us and enjoy the real “oasis of relax”, let us coddle you: leave all the daily worries at home. We have created a place for you to truly relax, where peace and relax is alpha and omega of our activities.

Accommodated quests have a free access to wellness in length of 150 minutes free.

We recommend to a visitors out of hotel, make a booking in advance.

Entry to the wellness out of operation hours is possible, please make a booking one day before at latest.

Bookby request form in the footer of the page or call +420 326 53 38 88.


The heated 3.5 x 12 m indoor pool with countercurrent and gargoyle offers perfect relax after a long day. Water temperature +29 ° C. On the sides there are deck chairs that you can use to relax.


The jacuzzi/whirlpool is a complex therapy for the physical and mental receptacle of the human organism. It removes stress, relieves and relieves muscle tension, accelerates recovery from tissue damage, improves blood circulation, releases spine and joints. Water temperature +36 °C and bath is for up to 4 persons.


Herbal sauna is especially suitable for individuals who are badly tolerant of high temperatures in the Finnish sauna and also for children. Herbal sauna is equipped with sauna electric stoves with lava stones. Various types of aromatic herbs (quince, sage, chamomile, lavender, mint, melon, and other herbs) are placed in the heater area. Herbal sauna is heated up to a maximum of 65 ° C when the body is not heated so violently, so even the stay may be longer.


  • Temperature: 55 – 65°C
    Humidity: 25 – 30%
    Recommended stay: 15 – 25 minut


The Finnish sauna uses high temperatures (80 – 110 ° C) to heat the human body. In this situation, the body is intensely sweating and eliminates harmful substances. Heating must be alternated with rapid cooling. These cycles need to be scrolled several times. As a rule, every time spent in the sauna adapts to your own feelings, but the maximum recommended time spent in the sauna is 15-20 minutes. The Finnish bath serves to increase the immunity of the body and to eliminate harmful substances out of the body.


Detoxification of the body, total relaxation of the locomotory system, blood pressure disorders, immunity strengthening, prevention of flu and colds, supplementary cure for weight loss, rheumatism …


  • Temperature: 80 – 100°C
    Humidity: 12%
    Recommended stay: 15 – 20 minut


The steam sauna boasts a moisture of up to 100%. Its temperature is lower, it is around 45 ° C. The effect of a steam sauna can be enhanced by the use of various herbs or essential oils. Hot steam is suitable for respiratory and rheumatic diseases, improves blood circulation and cleanses the skin – it acts on acne, cellulite, etc. It is recommended for the treatment and prevention of asthma, rheumatism, colds, etc. It is a good way to relax and unwind.


  • Temperature: 42 – 45°C
    Humidity: 100%
    Recommended stay: 15 – 25 minut


Stay in shape even during a relaxing rest in our hotel. The gym is available not only for hotel guests. The gym is equipped with a treadmill, a bike trainer, a cross train, a fitness tower, a bench and other exercise aids.



Not only hotel guests can play tennis, volleyball or other games at one of our courts. Both top courts used top materials such as DecoTurf and Artificial Grass, which are currently among the most popular thanks to their excellent playing qualities. Both surfaces are suitable for both professional and recreational games.



If you want a more relaxed and peaceful form of sport, you can play pétanque in our chateau park. Ready for you is the pétanque course, located in the middle of the garden. Combine relaxation with sport.



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