Menu (2019-11-15)

  • Cold starters

  • Baked goat cheese

    • 160 CZK

    on a chickpea puree with chilli and mint, pickled beetroot and a currant reduction

  • Duck rillettes

    • 70g 170 CZK

    with orange-fennel compote and leafy green salad with lemon oil

  • Beef tartare "Panstvi"

    • 100g 190 CZK

    toast, pickled spicy vegetables

  • Soups

  • Consommé double with noodles

    • 0,3 l 50 CZK

    and liver dumplings and root vegetables

  • Carrot cream with ginger

    • 0,3 l 70 CZK

    herb croutons, roasted squash seeds

  • Traditional cuisine from the Pribram region

  • Smoked potatoes "na loupačku"

    • 80 CZK

    herb cheese, coarse salt and natural sour cream

  • Sautéed forest mushrooms

    • 90 CZK

    served on a black toast with poached egg, homemade yoghurt cottage cheese

  • Greaves dumplings

    • 80 CZK

    with cabbage salad and fried onions

  • Salads with herbs from our garden

  • Autumn vegetable salad with baked pumpkin

    • 160 CZK

    beetroot, yoghurt cheese, nuts and a pumpkin oil dressing

  • Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast

    • 100g 180 CZK

    garlic croutons, Grana Padano shavings

  • Leafy green salad with chicory, fennel and slices of smoked duck breasts

    • 70g 190 CZK

    raspberry vinegar

  • One-pot meals

  • Spaghetti "Verona" with roasted beef stewed steak

    • 100g 190 CZK

    chilli peppers, dried tomatoes and cheese chips

  • Fettuccine with roasted pepper

    • 100g 180 CZK

    roasted sliced almonds, zucchini, shallot, rucola oil

  • Saffron risotto with tiger shrimps

    • 100g 210 CZK

    and garlic with roasted hazelnuts

  • Classic fare "Konirna"

  • "Svickova" with cranberry jam

    • 150g 180 CZK

    Carlsbad dumplings

  • Wild boar rump with briar-rose sauce

    • 150g 210 CZK

    greaves dumpling and dried plums pickled in red wine

  • Baked pork kneeboneless, garlic and rosemary

    • 400g 230 CZK

    mustard, horseradisch, pickled vegetables, pastry

  • Meat and herbs

  • Baked trout fillet with horseradish and nuts

    • 150g 260 CZK

    grilled vegetables with potato slices and dried herbs from our garden

  • Nordic salmon steak

    • 200g 340 CZK

    baked with sea salt, green beans, baked pumpkin and teriyaki sauce

  • Turkey roll prepared “sous vide”

    • 200g 185 CZK

    with a sauce made of dried apricots, autumn vegetables, red and jasmine rice

  • Medium rare duck breast with a salad of

    • 200g 360 CZK

    avocado, mango, coriander and leafy greens, blackcurrant sauce and potato pancake

  • Chuck steak with chorizo powder

    • 300g 490 CZK

    roasted vegetables in butter, baked grenaille potatoes and rosemary demi-glace

  • Grilled pork sirloin with crushed peppers

    • 200g 210 CZK

    cream sauce with mushrooms and truffle oil with fried parsley potatoes

  • Desserts and cheese

  • Buttermilk and forest fruit foam

    • 120 CZK

    almond cookie, chocolate, "Pracharanda" – a mix of nuts and sugar, crushed in a mortar

  • Baked pineapple with honey

    • 120 CZK

    served with coconut ice cream and pistachio cream

  • Pear Créme Brulée

    • 140 CZK
  • Selection of local farm cheeses

    • 120g 160 CZK

    fig jam, walnuts, grapes