Menu (from 2019-04-11)

  • Cold starters

  • Grilled peppers

    • 160 CZK

    served with caprese dressing and homemade yoghurt cheese  

  • Carpaccio from beef sirloin

    • 70g 190 CZK

    with mushroom slices, truffle oil and rucola 

  • Lordly steak tartare with toasted old bohemian bread

    • 100g 190 CZK

    and spicy vegetables with chilli peppers

  • Soups

  • Strong meat broth with noodles

    • 0,3l 50 CZK

    homemade liver dumplings and root vegetables 

  • Creamy soup with young spinach

    • 0,3l 70 CZK

    and pieces of marinated salmon in lemon oil

  • Tasting traditional meals from the Příbram area

  • Young potatoes boiled in skins "for peeling" with homemade yoghurt cheese

    • 80 CZK

    coarse sea salt and natural sour cream

  • Dried plums stuffed with almonds and wrapped in smoked bacon

    • 90 CZK

    mixed salad of red onions and parsley

  • Gratinated brussels sprouts with potatoes

    • 80 CZK

    in garlic cream, mixed salad of shrubby tomatoes

  • "Uhlířina" miners’ mix with baked onions

    • 70 CZK

    (speciality from the studmakers’ region – Podbrdsko)

  • Salads with herbs from our garden

  • Mixed-leaf salad with blue cheese Fourme d´ambert

    • 180 CZK

    orange, strawberries, walnuts and mango dressing

  • Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast

    • 100g 180 CZK

    garlic croutons and farmers’ cheese shavings

  • Salad from our meadow with slices of matured beef

    • 100g 190 CZK

    fresh vegetables and mustard dressing

  • Mixed salad with tomatoes

    • 70g 170 CZK
    fresh fennel, rucola and mozzarella pickled in herbs 
    and garlic, slices of roasted bacon
  • One-pot meals

  • Spaghetti with grilled prawns

    • 100g 190 CZK

    zucchini spirals, garlic, chilli, basil oil and hard cheese shavings

  • Fettuccine with slices of beef steak

    • 100g 190 CZK

    grilled vegetables with rosemary, tomatoes and rucola

  • Risotto with green asparagus and peas

    • 180 CZK

    prepared on "Manor’s Riesling", baked tomato with thyme, herb oil

  • Traditional meals of Konírna

  • Traditional sirloin of beef in cream

    • 150g 180 CZK

    with cranberries and fine Carlsbad dumplings

  • Slowly cooked beef rib

    • 350g 230 CZK

    roasted with apples and ginger, apple horseradish, onion salad, bread

  • Beef cheeks stewed with fennel and red wine

    • 150g 250 CZK

    potato and butter purée

  • Meat and herbs

  • Baked tilapia fillet

    • 200g 280 CZK

    mashed potatoes with parsley tops, grilled garden vegetables with red pepper soup

  • Nordic salmon fillet

    • 200g 360 CZK

    baked with lemon pepper, vegetable nest, baked tomato, lime sauce

  • Fried chicken leg

    • 200g 175 CZK

    in white breadcrumbs, vegetable salad with yoghurt dressing and coriander, chilli salsa

  • Grilled turkey breast with sweet-and-sour sauce

    • 200g 185 CZK

    with black sesame, sugar pod, jasmine rice

  • Rib eye steak with crushed pepper

    • 200g 410 CZK

    balsamic - sherry sauce, green beans in bacon, potato baked in skin

  • "Rossini" beef steak

    • 200g 480 CZK

    with duck liver and truffle oil, buttered vegetables, creamy mash

  • Lamb rack baked in rosemary crust

    • 180g 410 CZK

    brussels sprouts roasted in butter, homemade potato croquette

  • Grilled pork chop on the bone

    • 300g 250 CZK

    served with mushroom butter, grilled vegetables, creamy gratinated potatoes

  • Selection of desserts and cheeses

  • Variations of sorbets

    • 120 CZK

    (green apple, red orange, lemon) served on peach jelly with fresh fruit and an almond waffle

  • Dark chocolate mousse with sour cream

    • 120 CZK

    served with cooled strawberry mascarpone

  • Vanilla cheesecake

    • 130 CZK

    with fruit coulis

  • Farmers’ selection of cheese

    • 120g 160 CZK

    with onion jam, nuts and grapes