The unique and rich chord of flavors this is the real "castle fairy tale" of taste

Enjoy your weekday or festive day at our restaurant "Konírna", which brings a real gourmet experience. The chateau restaurant of the hotel is based on the concept of the Czech countryside and at the same time it does not miss the "modern" gastronomy with the use of only high quality raw materials (not only) of local farmers. You can find this restaurant located right in the castle complex.


To relish can be don in a healthy way, it's certainly not a sin!

In addition to the permanent menu, you can taste even unique seasonal offers. The restaurant is suitable for celebrations, entertainment, weddings and corporate events. The restaurant also features an outdoor seating area with a barbecue and a smokehouse, great for a summer sitting with a unique chateau atmosphere. In case of your interest it is possible to prepare the menu in advance in order to prepare the menu in consultation with the chef.


Banquets and other events

For these type of occasions we have prepared congress, wedding ceremonial and wedding menus, tailor-made banquets and professional tailor-made catering services.


Book by request form in the footer of the page or book at +420 326 53 38 89.